Welcome to the Smart Penguins

If you are new to SP, continue reading!

If you are already a Smart Penguin, make sure to read our latest posts below! Have Fun!

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We are the Smart Penguins of Club Penguin. We are one of the best medium armies in Club Penguin Warfare. We have three divisions namely, AUSIA, UK, and US division!

We were started as a tracking chat by Vivek, our founder and we turned into an army when Vivek was persuaded by his friend to turn it into an army. We started holding events in September 2013 and have risen ever since.

 If you are completely new to CP armies you can check out our beginner’s guide by clicking here.

You will be given a rank within 24 hours. You can see yours by clicking here.

Also, ensure that you know about the uniform which we wear at battles!

We communicate with each other during events through a Discord server.
You can enter our server by clicking here!


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"If you Fail 7 times, Stand up Eighth"

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