Great Event SP!

Hello, this is Vivek, SP Founder, as you all know, and I’m telling you about the event we had on Ice Breaker, Berg today, 14th November. Good Job, SP, we maxed 16 and surely will rise up. Also, Special credits to Lord Nobility for the pics.

At Ice Breaker, Berg ::::

Click  Read More to view more pics:

Thank you troops for coming to the event.



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  1. Hello everyone.The pictures all is awesome and emotes 😦 ~Danish200

  2. Hmm…You should say we maxed 16 in chat size and 12 on CP.

  3. Hey Vivek,
    Flipmoo has informed me that you accepted the AUSIA Leader rank at WV- which is great! Seeing as our time zones differ (though I’ll probably see you on Saturday and Sundays) I ask that you email me at so we can talk more about this 🙂

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