Hello guys, its me, Superhero123! We have some bad news and an event! Read more for details:

Abi recntly retires SP cause of rpf leader, sir pj. He said that if he doesnt retires he would destroy SP. Whatever, good luck with RPF abi! (we are better, lol).

About the event, here are details:




DATE: SATURDAY 14-12-2013

TIME: 3:00 pm uk, 7:00 am pst, 8:30 ist

Goal: 10 troops+ enter cpaf top 8


Superhero123, sp leader, out!

Abhinav54321  EDIT : What do you mean by that, Super? Neither will RPF accept me back, nor will I see the face of any CP army ever!!!!!!!!! My best wishes for you as well as RPF!!!!!!!


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  1. RPF are better cring and Abhi u badly need a farewell.

  2. Yes Abhi I guess your best shot is the galactic army eh? And Snake’s got the post I wanted to show

  3. snake i wasn’t fired from SP, but i had to quit since sir pj said that if i don’t, then they’ll declare war on SP and finish us!!!!!!!
    And, I didn’t want this to happen. So, folllowing his orders, I quit SP leadership.

  4. guys one more thing
    whenever u see brigade3, ban him forever and also remove him from the sp staffs too.

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