Dinesh Left||Important

Hey SP, I am Rishron (SP Leader), Most of the people in SP knows that Dinesh Left and the other people is also leaving their reason “I’m also Leaving, If Dinesh is leaving” < Is that a reason to leave the Army?? The reason for Dinesh Left, Vivek and Dinesh had a fight, They can solve their fight but no anyways Dinesh thinks that SP is nothing without him and we are not taking Dinesh back in our army but I’m saying the other people dont leave the army as this is the only future of the army.

This post was specially to those who are leaving the army for Dinesh.

things that Dinesh said ~

“Sp is nothing wihthout me”

“Sp will not even be in Cpaf”

“Sp will die”

So the leavers Its your choice now if u want to leave Sp for Dinesh!


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  1. My point is: The personal problems of Vivek and Dinesh in real life are affecting SP in virtual online community,so we need to stop this coup d’ état (this dosen’t mean i’m telling you guys to get dinesh back,i tell you guys to just ignore this and concentrate more on getting a higher position in CPAF) and a side note to quitters;Dinesh ain’t SP,Dinesh ain’t the life of SP,he’s just a creator of it,he mainly helped to improve the condition of the chat and recruit some troops,he also helped leading in some events.So,decide yourself what to do,Wanna quit SP just for 1 person?I say NO.

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