Last Event Got 20!!

Hello troops, this is me, Abhinav54321, SP 3IC  rank, and a bit kinda excited to make my first post in the SP.

Well, this post is about the event we had last evening, on 2nd December, 2013, It was a great event, as we maxed 20 and averaged around 18. This was a great honour for us and everyone was also cooperative and much responding. As Rishron made the last post, he had no pics, sorry about that, so I had to re-publish this post. In accordance to the event, it was a great event, and here are the pics you can see them by clicking Read More:-

Ok guys so here are the pictures of yesterday’s event :-

Here we are, at Ice Breaker, Iceberg :-

As people say, “Laughter is the best medicine.” :

We are very happy doing the tactics with our leaders leading efficiently :

Lastly, I thank you guys for your attention and cooperation and I hope that SP will do even better in the coming events…….

Till then, Waddle On!!!!!

Signing off,



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  1. uhh i counted in the pictures and i found only max 13 penguins

  2. same here.

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