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Hello guys, its me, Superhero123. Today we won exrate army and we claimed whiteout. We maxed 6 and averged 4. Read more for pics: Read the rest of this entry

Event FulLY Charged!

Hello Troops.Its Astro and I have Scheduled an event.

Read more for event-
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Great Event SP!

Hello, this is Vivek, SP Founder, as you all know, and I’m telling you about the event we had on Ice Breaker, Berg today, 14th November. Good Job, SP, we maxed 16 and surely will rise up. Also, Special credits to Lord Nobility for the pics.

At Ice Breaker, Berg ::::

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Hello guys, its me, Superhero123! We have some bad news and an event! Read more for details: Read the rest of this entry


Hello. We have a great event! Read more for details!
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Im brigade3 SP’s new UK leader.

Dinesh Left||Important

Hey SP, I am Rishron (SP Leader), Most of the people in SP knows that Dinesh Left and the other people is also leaving their reason “I’m also Leaving, If Dinesh is leaving” < Is that a reason to leave the Army?? The reason for Dinesh Left, Vivek and Dinesh had a fight, They can solve their fight but no anyways Dinesh thinks that SP is nothing without him and we are not taking Dinesh back in our army but I’m saying the other people dont leave the army as this is the only future of the army.

This post was specially to those who are leaving the army for Dinesh.

things that Dinesh said ~

“Sp is nothing wihthout me”

“Sp will not even be in Cpaf”

“Sp will die”

So the leavers Its your choice now if u want to leave Sp for Dinesh!



Hello! Today we got North Pole! Also, the war with ih overs. Read more for pics! Read the rest of this entry


We had a great event today. Emperor Skull and Rambo were leading the SP army for this event. It was fantastic, also Superhero one a 1 month membership congrats and at Christmas some sweet things are coming for this new army. We had a wonderful fight and it was great here are some pics HXXXYHP        eGKC0Ai4UvVM0MqpqGn90846yngZ

Last Event Got 20!!

Hello troops, this is me, Abhinav54321, SP 3IC  rank, and a bit kinda excited to make my first post in the SP.

Well, this post is about the event we had last evening, on 2nd December, 2013, It was a great event, as we maxed 20 and averaged around 18. This was a great honour for us and everyone was also cooperative and much responding. As Rishron made the last post, he had no pics, sorry about that, so I had to re-publish this post. In accordance to the event, it was a great event, and here are the pics you can see them by clicking Read More:-

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